June 16th, 2013

Ninetales & Vulpix



- Sales permission granted by Dakajojo 01/30/11

- I live in the US and ship worldwide. Anyone outside of the US please be patient as shipping may take a while :3

- I don't hold any responsibility after I ship them. Tracking number can be required but it costs more.

- I aim to ship every week but sometimes I can't. However, 2 weeks after the clear payment is my max because I know how it feels to wait for your items lol

- I accept only paypal as a payment method. Please pay within 2 days after getting the total from me.

- If you wish to see more pictures, please do ask :)

- I come from pet-free and smoke-free home.

- Please leave me a feedback once you receive your item(s). Thanks!! Here is my feedback

- I can hold item(s) for 24 hours.

- The price does NOT include shipping and paypal fees.

- I am poor at pricing so haggling is welcome. But please don't be upset/angry if I reject yours. XD

- Payment plans are accepted so feel free to discuss them with me.

- I don't do trade anymore due to bad experiences. :(

- I have rights of not selling to some members if I feel uncomfortable with them, e.g. many negative feedbacks.

Auctions end 06/23/13 23:00 EST time.

2010 Charizard pokedoll (mint conditions) starts @ $40
 photo IMG_0761.jpg photo IMG_0762.jpg

Jolteon canvas plush (mint conditions) starts @ $90
 photo IMG_0765.jpg photo IMG_0764.jpg

Wailord pokemon time cushion (Mint conditions but the paper tag has one crease; shipping might be expensive)
starts @ $70
 photo IMG_0767.jpg photo IMG_0768.jpg

2005 Mudkip pokedoll (loved) starts @ $15
 photo IMG_0771.jpg photo IMG_0772.jpg

12" Custom Vulpix plush in Ninetales costume.
- Made from minky.
- The costume can be removed.
- Her arms and legs are pose-able.
Starts @ $50
 photo IMG_0756.jpg photo IMG_0757.jpg photo IMG_0758.jpg photo IMG_0769.jpg photo IMG_0770.jpg

24" Custom Ninetales plush
- Made from minky (body) and faux fur (mane, tails).
- Shipping can be expensive because she is pretty huge.
Starts @ 200. 175.
 photo IMG_0760.jpg photo IMG_9999.jpg photo IMG_0759.jpg photo IMG_0787.jpg photo IMG_0788.jpg

12" I love Pikachu plush. He is so soft :3
Starts @ $20
 photo IMG_0754.jpg photo IMG_0755.jpg

Sitting Milotic zukan starts @ $60
 photo IMG_0748.jpg

Xatu zukan starts @ $20
 photo IMG_0747.jpg

Crobat zukan starts @ $40
 photo IMG_0746.jpg

Dragonite zukan starts @ $40
 photo IMG_0742.jpg

Starmie zukan starts @ $10
Corsola zukan starts @ $5
 photo IMG_0745.jpg

Kingler zukan starts @ $10
 photo IMG_0743.jpg

Dugtrio zukan starts @ $5
 photo IMG_0736.jpg

Beedrill zukan starts @ $5
 photo IMG_0737.jpg

Seaking zukan starts @ $5
 photo IMG_0728.jpg

Shiny Raikou zukan starts @ $10
 photo IMG_0729.jpg

Shiny Suicune zukan starts @ $10
 photo IMG_0732.jpg

Shiny Entei zukan starts @ $10
 photo IMG_0730.jpg

Suicune zukan starts @ $10
 photo IMG_0749.jpg

Entei zukan starts @ $10
 photo IMG_0752.jpg

Direct sales

4" Custom vulpix plush $20
 photo IMG_0775.jpg photo IMG_0776.jpg

4" Custom ninetales plush $20
 photo IMG_0773.jpg photo IMG_0774.jpg

Bootleg vaporoen plush $5
 photo IMG_0777.jpg

Minccino plush $20 (The paper tag has one crease but the plush is mint.)
 photo IMG_0779.jpg photo IMG_0780.jpg

Minccino pokedoll $20
 photo IMG_0781.jpg photo IMG_0782.jpg

Cinccino pokedoll $20
 photo IMG_0783.jpg photo IMG_0784.jpg

Suicune, Entei and Raikou Japanese pokedolls ($25 each or all three for $70)
 photo IMG_0785.jpg

Pokemon kids (Charizard $7, the others in the two back rows: $4 each and the rest is $2 each)
 photo IMG_0778.jpg

Zorark zukan (x2) $10
 photo IMG_0731.jpg

Serebii tree zukan $8
 photo IMG_0733.jpg photo IMG_0735.jpg

Hypno zukan $10
 photo IMG_0738.jpg

Electabuzz zukan $5
 photo IMG_0739.jpg

Piloswine zukan $5
 photo IMG_0740.jpg

Delibird zukan $3 or free when purchasing more than $60
 photo IMG_0741.jpg

Porygon-Z zukan $10
 photo IMG_0750.jpg

Unown (X,Y,Z,! and ?) $5
 photo IMG_0751.jpg

Carnivine zukan $3 or free when purchasing more than $60
Cherrim zukan $5
 photo IMG_0753.jpg